Today’s word is darkness and I am continuing the war theme from yesterday’s post.

My picture is of the Ardrossan War Memorial, taken earlier this afternoon on a grey and stormy day.

I am posting it in black and white, as the starkness of the cross stands as a poignant reminder of the darkness of war and of the suffering, pain and despair it brings.



Memories (5)

Yesterday marked 19 years since the Dunblane shootings –  the deadliest single targeted mass murder of children in the history of the United Kingdom.  A heartbreaking and incomprehensible day, which changed forever the lives of so many families.

This picture of the memorial in Dunblane Cathedral has been shared and re shared on social media over the past few days, poignant testimony to the 16 young victims and their teacher.

Let there be light…

In the darkest night
it is not possible to believe
that light will come.

Because light has come before,
doesn’t mean it will again.

Hold faith tonight
for those who see the darkness
stretch before them –

who know no other truth than that –

whose barren-ness prevails,
who are buffeted by despair,
who cannot breathe for fear.

Join your prayer to God’s:
let there be light.

From Cheryl at holdthisspace


“It has to be dark for the stars to appear” (unknown)

(Picture: Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes)