I started blogging anonymously as ‘Danny’ in June 2006 while training for ministry in the Church of Scotland.

My previous blog from (June 2006 – August 2010) was called Rumours of Angels. It covers my final year at the University of Glasgow, some of my ministry training period and probation. Also my early months in ministry. It is now private view only. If you would like permission to view please contact me on dorothygranger61@gmail.com.

This blog is essentially a collection of photographs, poems, prayers, reflections – stuff which appeals to my magpie mind.

Now for the DISCLAIMER … “The views expressed in this blog are all my own work (and the comments belong to those who post them)… And when I post stuff from other people I always provide a link back to the original source of the material”.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Danny61–Your blog has lifted my spirit and lightened my load tonite…are you still blogging? The archives end with May 2012. You have so many gifts of inspiration, reflection and experience to share…I so hope this comment finds you well and you are still sharing your gifts in a blog. God bless and lasting peace, Peggy

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