Simple things (2)

Had some of these chocolate strawberries today from the market on Las Ramblas –  so much fresh produce all under one roof. The colours and the smells are just amazing. 

(2nd photo from


Memory lane

Today’s picture is of trampolines on the seafront in Leven, Fife.  I remember queuing for hours here, so I could jump over and over again on the saggy canvas and squeaky springs. 

The picture is from a Facebook page I follow, which shows old pictures of Levenmouth, where I spent my childhood summers with my parents and my brothers and sister (all of us in a tiny two bed flat belonging to my grandmother) and where I took my own children when they were younger –  although these trampolines were long gone on the grounds of health and safety! This picture shows them in their “heyday” in the early 1970s. Happy memories 🙂

Whatever the weather…


An amazing picture of Arran taken earlier this month from Seamill Beach (George Crawford, Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald). Love the juxtaposition of elements here and the winter sunlight.

Sadly today the weather is more like this


With a lot of this


So the husband has just left to run a ferry replacement bus – the Arran Ferry is on divert to Gourock because of high winds.

Happy Sunday – whatever the weather where you are…