Room with a view

Partial view of the Sagrada Familia from our apartment window in Barcelona. 

Left Glasgow this morning in the wind and rain and arrived in Barcelonia to warm spring sunshine – just what the doctor ordered!  

Remind me again – why do I live in Scotland???

Memory lane

Today’s picture is of trampolines on the seafront in Leven, Fife.  I remember queuing for hours here, so I could jump over and over again on the saggy canvas and squeaky springs. 

The picture is from a Facebook page I follow, which shows old pictures of Levenmouth, where I spent my childhood summers with my parents and my brothers and sister (all of us in a tiny two bed flat belonging to my grandmother) and where I took my own children when they were younger –  although these trampolines were long gone on the grounds of health and safety! This picture shows them in their “heyday” in the early 1970s. Happy memories 🙂

Whatever the weather…


An amazing picture of Arran taken earlier this month from Seamill Beach (George Crawford, Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald). Love the juxtaposition of elements here and the winter sunlight.

Sadly today the weather is more like this


With a lot of this


So the husband has just left to run a ferry replacement bus – the Arran Ferry is on divert to Gourock because of high winds.

Happy Sunday – whatever the weather where you are…