“It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos” (Donna Karan)


Catching up 2…

More pictures from London – still catching up:

March 30th: “struggle”


The ongoing struggle between democracy and security, so recently and tragically illustrated in London.

March 31st: “relief”

IMG_2967.JPGThe relief of sitting down for a moment (Palace of Westminster)

April 1st: “Meditate”


Back to the Greenwich Naval College – where we stopped for a moment to mediate in the chapel.


Catching up..

I have got a bit behind with the lent photographs! So this is the first catch up post, with pictures from our recent trip to London to visit our daughter.

March 27th: “underneath”:



(Palace of Westminster)

March 28th: “hidden”


(Spot the husband at Greenwich Naval College)

March 29th: “adventure”


(Braving the crowds at Camden Market.)