The space in between…

in the space between
the hurt and the healing
the question and the answer
the disease and the cure
we search for a kind of calm to get us through

a kind of happiness that defies logic
a kind of peace that cancels out despair
a kind of joy that overrides circumstances
a kind of courage that commands attention
and demands a shift in focus

all this waits
in the space between

hope is not mere sentiment
or wishful thinking
but a treasure map to follow
all the way through the darkest night…

This is part of a poem posted by Jen Lemen (the picture is by Jen too).

I like this idea of hope filling the “space in between” life’s transitions, especially if that hope is grounded in the God of surprises and possibilities (Isaiah 43:19)… the God who in Christ makes all things new (2 Corinthians 5:17)… the God whose light shines on even in the darkest night  (John 1:5).