A meeting of souls…

When I first met you I knew I had come at last home,
Home after wandering, home after long puzzled searching,
Home after long being wind-borne, wave-tossed, night-caught,
Long being lost;
And being with you as normal and needful and natural
As sleeping or waking; and I was myself, who had never
been wholly myself; I was walking and talking and laughing
Easily at last;
And the air was softer and sounds were sharper
And colours were brighter and the sky was higher
And length was not measured by milestones and time was not measured by clocks….
And this end was a beginning…
And these words are the beginning of my thanks.

(‘First Meeting’ by A.S.J.Tessimond)

I love this piece which I found on Dave’s old District blog.

It describes finding that person with whom you can be yourself… completely at ease… someone who understands and accepts you and whose company you crave.

We should count ourselves blessed if we find such a person in this life… and especially if more than once.

Photo: “Walking in Rythmn” by Jonny Baker on Flickr