Not keeping up…

Despite my previous catching up attempts, I am now 5 days behind with the Lenten photographs, due in part to a sore back.

The words I have missed are: listen, quiet, breathe, reflect, lost. Perhaps they can all be found in just one amazing Canadian Sunset? Last summer at Gooderham Lake ON.




Catching up 2…

More pictures from London – still catching up:

March 30th: “struggle”


The ongoing struggle between democracy and security, so recently and tragically illustrated in London.

March 31st: “relief”

IMG_2967.JPGThe relief of sitting down for a moment (Palace of Westminster)

April 1st: “Meditate”


Back to the Greenwich Naval College – where we stopped for a moment to mediate in the chapel.


Catching up..

I have got a bit behind with the lent photographs! So this is the first catch up post, with pictures from our recent trip to London to visit our daughter.

March 27th: “underneath”:



(Palace of Westminster)

March 28th: “hidden”


(Spot the husband at Greenwich Naval College)

March 29th: “adventure”


(Braving the crowds at Camden Market.)



Today’s picture was taken last October when we were in Spain.

This  light was above the patio outside the wee cottage we were renting in Andalusia. We sat out there every night, enjoying the peace, the food and (yes) the wine – all just a memory on this cold March morning. (Note the husband, planning the next day’s activities by the light of his Kindle – yes the wifi reached the patio 😎).