After a short but hectic jaunt to London, I was ready to rest today. I slept for 10 hours straight (hardly ever happens) last night – still can’t quite believe it!

So the picture today is: 

Yes – a wee rest on the sofa, cup of coffee and a cuddle with the cat.


Sight is a precious thing. Just before Christmas my husband had laser eye surgery! I consider this brave (or perhaps foolhardy!) as I wouldn’t let anyone near my eyes with a laser!!! And, after 35 years, I am used to my glasses. (Forgive the bad selfie with a reluctant cat!!)



Today the word is “fold” and I have a picture of the cat, who has managed to fold herself up into my wrap, as I am sitting on the sofa. 

I was trying to write stuff, but its a well known fact that cats have no respect for laptops/tablets/books/newspapers/etc., especially when they are blocking that warm spot on a human’s lap.