Love this picture by George Crawford, taken on the road between West Kilbride and Ardrossan last week. 

Bright splash of colour in what has been a fairly grey and overcast summer so far on the west Coast! (It was glorious today though).


Swaying gently in the breeze

poppies galore blooming with ease

raising their heads up to the sky

smiling widely certainly not shy

Fragile petals warm in the sun

flames of scarlet having fun

black eyes winking in hazy sunlight

dancing merrily for your delight

So when you pass this field of fire

take the time to stop and admire

silken petals with a waxy sheen

against a background of olive green.

Teresa Reck

Wednesday sunshine

Today’s picture shows the beautiful contrast in our Scottish weather. Goat Fell on Arran rising out of the misty haze with snow capped peaks. And  Seamill Palm trees in the foreground.  Drove this road today with my daughter on my way to sunny Largs.

Wonderful shot by George Crawford.