No priest, no theologian stood at the cradle in Bethlehem. And yet all Christian theology has its origins in the wonder of all wonders that God became man. Alongside of the brilliance of the holy night there burns the fire of the unfathomable mystery of Christian theology.

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

I cannot do this alone…

I recently came across this prayer by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and it seemed appropriate for anyone who is struggling  -with prayer, concentration, loneliness, restlessness, bitterness, confusion – with just being human!

It is called I Cannot Do This Alone… and thanks be to God… we don’t have to!

O God, early in the morning I cry to you.

Help me to pray
And to concentrate my thoughts on you;

I cannot do this alone.

In me there is darkness,
But with you there is light;
I am lonely, but you do not leave me;
I am feeble in heart, but with you there is help;
I am restless, but with you there is peace.
In me there is bitterness, but with you there is patience;
I do not understand your ways,
But you know the way for me….

Restore me to liberty,
And enable me to live now
That I may answer before you and before men.

Lord whatever this day may bring,
Your name be praised.


Picture is ‘ocean of possibility’ by Jonny Baker on Flicker