… there is a pier

Another great picture of Portencross, this one by George Crawford. Another angle showing pier and shore with Arran in the distance. (Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald on Facebook)


Above Oblivion’s Tide there is a Pier
And an effaceless “Few” are lifted there –
Nay — lift themselves — Fame has no Arms –
And but one smile — that meagres Balms –

Emily Dickinson 


The Mentalist is a show I recently caught up with and its one I have enjoyed watching, not least because of Simon Baker (pictured). He has the most amazing smile. And when he smiles, you cannot help smiling too. It is an involuntary response.


Smiling is contagious – be the reason someone smiles today!

A change of perspective 

Today’s photo (by Drew Weatherston) was taken on 2 March at the same location as yesterday’s picture – enjoy Portencross Pier and shore from another perspective. Both pictures from Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald on Facebook.

Weathered boards on the old dock
Sun trying to peak thru
The water like a sublime dream
Seagulls circle the boats
You were there with your humor
With your easy going smile
You loved to take people fishing

Soon I will go into memory
The waters will always laugh
Lakes, rivers and sea
Poetry of the tides
Campfires and moonlight
Old man and the sea
Get the net I gotta big one! 

Your fishing boat in the dusk 

Joseph Narusiewicz