This is the time of year, as the weather improves when I resolve to get fit! Especially this year, as the winter has been long and I have been very inactive, due to illness.

So the trainers are out and walking on the beach is the best remedy.




Today’s word is silence.

My focus is on the silence of remembrance: my picture is the Dasher Memorial on Ardrossan Seafront.

On 27 March 1943, there was an explosion on board the HMS Dasher and 379 crew were lost to the sea.  And every year, on Remembrance Sunday, we remember them in the silence.



She sells sea shells…

Another great picture of Ailsa Craig by Brian Johnstone. Loving his pictures.

“Finding Seashells” (Author Unknown)

Come walk with me

Along the sea

Where dusk sits on the land

And search with me

For shells are free,

And treasures hide in sand.


Skimming stones

Today, another amazing picture by Brian Johnstone – skimming stones all the way to Ailsa Craig.


“Honour your being, release each and every struggle, gather strength from life’s storms, relax into the arms of spirit”

Jonathan Lockwood Huie



Lovely picture by Brian Johnstone, taken on Prestwick Beach. Wonderful warm summer colours, pity the weather is mainly shades of grey! 


“In the midst of life we must find the magic that makes our souls soar” (Kelcey Jones)






Sunshiny day…

Another beautiful morning, another lovely walk. 

Here is my picture of the day, the sunny Saltcoats bit of my parish. Great shot by Ian Cassidy (Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald on Facebook) with Arran rising through the haze.