Lent reflection…

562980_10151350427449132_120154424_nWe live in borrowed time,
says Lent.

i have lived on borrowed truth for a while
as well,
and borrowed faith when necessary
i know I have taken certainty from places that shouldn’t have given it to me
and probably wouldn’t have, willingly.

I have tried to make it my own.
all of it.
i have given it the names of my gods,
and scratched in deep to its essence my name and my claim
that it’s mine
and it’s me.

i have held it fast with fear and determination,
and close as to make it mine forever

but here now
you ask for it back
and i give it.

the left over shape of a life
and a faith
tarnished, scratched and battered
with the indentations of my clasping

and i say
sorry for messing what was beautiful
thankyou for trusting me with what’s yours.

From Cheryl at holdthisspace

Let there be light…

In the darkest night
it is not possible to believe
that light will come.

Because light has come before,
doesn’t mean it will again.

Hold faith tonight
for those who see the darkness
stretch before them –

who know no other truth than that –

whose barren-ness prevails,
who are buffeted by despair,
who cannot breathe for fear.

Join your prayer to God’s:
let there be light.

From Cheryl at holdthisspace


“It has to be dark for the stars to appear” (unknown)

(Picture: Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes)

Hold tight…

A snatch of liturgy for Friday from Cheryl at holdthisspace…  posted for everyone who is having a difficult time at the moment… hold tight

battle-scarred and tired
we watch you lift yourself
into the hardness of today

the cliches sit on the edge of our
left unspoken
in respect for their futility
and your new hard won wisdom

hold tight
we whisper
a prayer for ourselves
as much as you

hold tight

(Picture was taken by no1 daughter of no2 daughter at Culzean Castle park)

So we pray…

Still on a faith theme… I came across this reflection on [hold::this space]

it takes faith

it will take grace to let others here be different to our expectations of them
so we pray for grace

it will take courage for each of us to live beyond the story we know of ourselves
so we pray for courage

it will take wisdom to believe we don’t have all the answers
so we pray for wisdom

it will take hope to believe our future is not yet determined
so we pray for hope

in the story of god all expectations are defied
all things are made possible
the whole world is made new

it will take faith to live as though this can be our story
and so we pray for faith.

wash me

This is one of my favourite meditations from Cheryl at  hold this space . I was reading it again and was reminded of its energy – an energy that I am sadly lacking at the moment.  Also the eternal perspective it offers is just what I needed today 🙂

wash me in the water
that tells the story of life.
wash me in the water that has soothed the ache
quenched the thirst
bathed the sore
wash me in the water
that has carved valleys
from recalcitrant rocks
and new landscapes
out of the impossible
and impermeable
wash me in the water that has destroyed and created
that holds the promise of living and dying
in every drop
wash me in the water that holds all history’s story
wash me in the water
so it will tell mine…

picture is ‘hallelujah!’ by Jonny Baker on Flickr

Holding on to faith

This meditation from Cheryl at hold this space reflects my mood today. I am still coughing and the doctor has signed me off for another week – bah! This has a strange start to Lent – I haven’t led worship for three weeks now. It feels like I have lost all my usual markers – the desert is very dry!

The promise echoes through history
whispered by angels and shouted by prophets
But did they know how dry this desert could be?

How do we hold faith
when the cracks in our reality are deeper than ever before
when the pressures add up relentlessly.

You are making all things new?
We are trying to hold faith.

We need a glimpse, God
a moment
something to carry us beyond what we know

So we pray
with no faith
and with all faith

give us eyes to see
faith to believe
courage to live

… this is all it takes?

A wonderful reflection from Cheryl at holdthisspace for Christmas in the prison where she works. She notes that “  it’s still a bit rough, but you get the idea…”.

Rough or not, it is certainly worth sharing as we make our way on to Bethlehem… as we wait “for love to be born”.

The story (Luke 2: 1-20) tells us that this is all it takes for love to be born:

you listen to the voice of improbable angels
you dare to believe you might have a part to play in their story

you say yes to the idea of the impossible
you give up the future you thought was inevitable

you defy the protocols and social mores of the day
when they get in the way of what you know is true

you dare to say to those who would deny your value and your role
that you just might have what’s needed, in this moment

you search for your allies and trust them with your dream
you devour the moments of joy when they come

you demand truth from yourself and those around you
you give up the things you are comfortable with

you travel long journeys in inhospitable conditions
you stand up to be counted

you take whatever shelter you can get
you aren’t afraid of darkness or dirt

you do whatever it takes, even if you’re lonely, scared,
a laughing stock, intimidated, overwhelmed, lost, uncomfortable

you accept gifts of wisdom from strangers
you honour those who put their gifts of love, however small, alongside yours

you risk everything, even your life, to give it breath
that’s all it takes for love to be born.

Picture is: Henry Ossawa Tanner – The Annunciation