I love this photo of Ailsa Craig – it is called “haar” and was taken by Brian Johnston. The effect is so calm, so tranquil. Just looking at it makes me relax.

Only those who have lived on the East Coast of Scotland really appreciate haar. How it rolls in from the sea, turning a warm sunny day cold and colourless in an instant. 

Although this photo is anything but colourless – maybe it’s the lighter touch of West Coast haar and sunshine šŸ˜„


“Beyond the fog lies clarity” (Anon)

No more fishing…

Today’s photo was taken on the Isle of Mull last April by my brother Mike (seen here on Flickr.)

I like the light effects he has added here… 


Weathered boards on the old dock
Sun trying to peak thru
The water like a sublime dream
Seagulls circle the boats
You were there with your humor
With your easy going smile
You loved to take people fishing

Soon I will go into memory
The waters will always laugh
Lakes, rivers and sea
Poetry of the tides
Campfires and moonlight
Old man and the sea
Get the net I gotta big one! 

Your fishing boat in the dusk 


Before the squall

Stevenson beach, by Dylan Walker. Wonderfully dramatic image for today.

The wind is rising on the sea, 
The windy white foam-dancers leap; 
And the sea moans uneasily, 
And turns to sleep, and cannot sleep. 

Ridge after rocky ridge uplifts, 
Wild hands, and hammers at the land, 
Scatters in liquid dust, and drifts 
To death among the dusty sand. 

On the horizon’s nearing line, 
Where the sky rests, a visible wall, 
Grey in the offing, I divine, 
The sails that fly before the squall. 

Before the squall (Arthur Symons)