24th March and the word is shadow. It is a lovely sunny afternoon here in Ayrshire – so plenty of shadows to choose from.

The cat, fascinated by her shadow:


Or me, flapping my coat to look like angel wings (not as easy as it sounds when you are also trying to take a photo!)




Word of the day (20) is water. Today’s picture is a memory, as it was taken last Easter, when we visited Chester Cathedral. 

In the Cloisters of Chester Cathedral there is an amazing garden, with a sculptural water feature by Stephen Broadbent.

The ‘Water of Life’ presents the life changing encounter between Jesus and the woman of Samaria (found in chapter four of John’s Gospel). The circular shape brings the two figures face to face, lending intensity and tenderness to the encounter. Water flows continually from the shared cup, over the hands and into the pool in the dish below, from where the sculpture is illuminated, through the water.

Around the dish are the words:- ‘Jesus said “the water that / I shall give will be an / inner spring always welling / up for eternal life.” (John 4:14).


Waking up…

Day four of the Lent snapshots, today’s theme is waking up. So I went into the manse garden to see what was stirring.

There are some daffodils trying their best to flower (not been enough sun yet); a few bushes with tiny buds and the green of the bluebells starting to show. 

There was also this random straggly bit of an evergreen bush pushing its way up through the decking, trying its best to reach the light – waking up, ready for the growing season to begin.

# LentenSnapshots2017

The view from my window

I am following the RevGals prompt  for today, to post a photograph of something I see everyday. It was an easy choice:

These are the hydrangea bushes in the front garden of the manse. The first picture is their summer colours, the second their current (Autumn) colours. I love these bushes and they never fail to lift my spirits. I walk past them every day from the front door to the car. And I often stand and look at them from my front room window. 

I am very fortunate to live in a lovely tree lined street and most of the gardens around me have these bushes too, in many different colours. My next door neighbour has blue and white ones.  

“Ever since the creation of the world his eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things he has made.” (Romans 1:20)

Apple blossom 

Today’s photos are of the apple tree in the manse garden, we have three but this one is old and gnarled – its branches reaching almost to the ground – and it produces the most amazing blossom. It is particularly lovely this year.


Blossom of the apple trees! 
Mossy trunks all gnarled and hoary, 
Grey boughs tipped with rose-veined glory, 
Clustered petals soft as fleece 
Garlanding old apple trees! 

(Mathilde Blind)