Today’s word is not that easy to photograph. The last time we had an actual itinerary was for our first ever trip to the USA back in 2014. It was a special family holiday for our 30th wedding anniversary and the only time we have ever booked with a travel company. They took care of all the flights and trains and hotels for Boston, New York and Washington DC. And they secured the lovely villa we occupied in Naples, Florida. The itinerary was personalised and very impressive:


FullSizeRender 2

It was an amazing trip.



Still on the Lenten snapshots and the word is space.

I am cheating a bit today, as this is a photo my husband took last October of the the ceiling in Grenada Cathedral – he snapped it very quickly as photography is not allowed inside the Cathedral (I was pretending I wasn’t with him!)

The cathedral is truely stunning, wonderfully over the top – yet still a sacred space.



Organise is the word of the day.

After scrambling about through the usual guddle of papers, statements  and receipts all flung higglety pigglety into a filing tray as I did the dreaded Tax Return last year, I decided that I was going to be more organised for the next one! So this financial year, I have been filing things by date into marked folders or printing out my invoices as monies are spent.

Just to prove I can organise myself, if I put my mind to it!