Its raining again…

Yes after a few cold bright days we are back to… RAIN.

To live on the West Coast of Scotland is to have webbed feet!

And along with the rain, there is the accompanying howling gale.

I hate this weather, but this poem by David Darbyshire always makes me smile.


Rain again, rain again

always the same again.
Wish it was sunny instead,
could do without those drops on my head.

Rain water down the drain,
drip, dropp on my brain.
It’s friggen raining again,
shouldn’t really be complaining.

P.S. memo to myself: ‘ Buy an Umbrella’

Ok moaning over for today. But I will probably recommence tomorrow as the forecast is for it to get WORSE!!

Am off to do some ironing and day dream about sunny days and bright skies. 🙂

Photo  found on this travelogue

2 thoughts on “Its raining again…

  1. It’s raining here a few miles inland from the east coast, but it means that the quite thick covering of snow and ice has almost gone. And the ferocity of the rain has taken the muck off the car. Some clouds really do have silver linings. 🙂

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