Every little wonder…

2115078089_57ac35813f_bAmid the January gloom (well maybe it’s just me with the cough and the virus that just won’t go away) I thought I would post something uplifting.

A friend and colleague became a father last week, so here are words written by Cheryl at [hold this space] to celebrate the birth of a baby.

Even if we have not witnessed (or participated in) that particularly awesome miracle, life is peppered with these sort of wow moments – moments when we catch our breath in awe; moments when God confounds us and we stand amazed, at a loss for words.

Life is fragile, and never more so than at the point of birth or death, but we humans are extraordinary, remarkable. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  And sometimes we need to stop and confront that, to embrace our fragility and to put our hand into the outstretched hand of God – the God who gives us strength for the journey.


Welcome to the world

there are some moments
at which we should only look sideways
because to face them head on will blind us

moments where words like wonder
and awe
are completely inadequate;

where we search in vain for new words
as yet uninvented
to tell of the truth

moments where it seems impossible
that we will ever forget
how extraordinary,
how remarkable
this life is.

until we do

so in this moment,
when we stand blinded by fragility
and wonder
we pause

and for all those moments we forget,
we take a breath
and say

thank you.

(Photo: Gunnersbury by Jonny Baker)


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