Look to this day!

Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!
Look to this Day!
For it is Life, the very Life of Life.
In its brief course lie all the
Verities and Realities of your Existence;
The Bliss of Growth,
The Glory of Action,
The Splendor of Beauty;
For Yesterday is but a Dream,
And Tomorrow is only a Vision;
But Today well lived makes every
Yesterday a Dream of Happiness, and every
Tomorrow a Vision of Hope.
Look well therefore to this Day!
Such is the Salutation of the Dawn.

(attributed to Kalidasa – from the Sanskrit)

I came across this poem again today. I have posted it before but it is well worth repeating.

It’s origins are the subject of much debate – it is usually attributed to the Indian scholar and poet Kalidasa who lived sometime around the 4th Century AD but there is doubt over this and it could in fact be an unattributed  19th Century English poem!

But no matter where it came from, it is still a wonderful reminder of the hope that comes with each new dawn and of the challenge to live well every moment of every day.

Hope your Tuesday is a good one 🙂

Picture from Dave’s old districtblog

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