Easter blessings

If you were not risen,
Lord Christ, to whom would we go
to discover a radiance
of the face of God?

If you were not risen,
we would not be together
seeking your communion.
We would not find in your presence
wellspring of a new beginning.

If you were not risen,
where would we draw the energy
for following you
right to the end of our existence,
for choosing you again and anew?

Brother Roger of Taize

A prayer for Tuesday after Holy Week and Easter, for all those who now draw breath and seek rest and renewal.

Those of you following the blog will know that Lent, Holy Week and Easter have happened without me this year. It has been strange observing rather than participating in worship.

It has been a virtual journey through the season for me, following Lenten blogs and observing how others have prepared and participated through their postings on social networking sites.

I have especially enjoyed the posts and comments on Revgalblogpals blogspot and on their Facebook page. And I have stored away some ideas for next Easter. Thanks ladies (and gents too) for creating sacred space in the blogsphere.

After nearly three months of coughing – day and night –  it seems to have eased off at last over the past week or so and I am beginning to feel human again! My residual worry is the effect all this coughing has had on my voice which is still rather hoarse, so your prayers for this are appreciated – for obvious reasons!

A belated happy Easter to all, especially the bloggers and posters who have shared the journey with me – without even knowing it 🙂

(Photo taken in the Lake District by the Husband)

5 thoughts on “Easter blessings

  1. Just discovered your blog through RevGalBlogPals and decided to follow your posts because your quote today from Brother Roger of Taize was just what I needed to read. I pray you recover your strength and health soon – and your voice – but don’t overdo it too fast. You seem to have followed a similar coughing path to that of my husband who is also just beginning to feel human again.

  2. Hello, Nancy put me on to your page as you had the dreaded cough…. I couldn’t even get to church from mid Feb on! It is the most horrid bug leaving a number of people including me feeling non human and very very low for several weeks. Getting better seems so slow…. But I manage to preach on Wednesday and am doing a wedding on Sunday so…. There is hope….

    I hope you have enough help to enable you to take it gently…
    I enjoy your blog.



    1. Hi David, glad to hear you are on the mend, I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. My cough was a side effect of a prescription medication, the irritation in the throat was constant for weeks and it felt as if I was forcing the cough out which is why it has been so bad for my voice. I have been off work since 19th Feb, hoping to start back next week. I am very fortunate to have help from a retired minister so I can ease back in. My first engagement is a wedding a week on Saturday. Blessing to you for a full recovery.

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