Faith in community

The movement between community and solitariness is woven into the fabric of who we are in Christ. We come individually and make our response to the Word…  We nurture our life in Christ as the personal conversation continues and as we gradually learn to do less of the talking and begin to listen. But because our faith commitment joins us to other pilgrims on the way, we are challenged to live the new life together. We become part of that continuing community of God’s people who exhibit a willingness to listen to one another.

(Elizabeth Canham found at inward/outward)

This captures nicely the dynamic of faith – the ongoing personal encounter with the living God and our commitment to joining with the people of God, our fellow pilgrims on the way.

So much is said about faith being about a more “personal spirituality” these days, but faith is also a community activity lived and shared with others.  Without the community dimension, the traditions of faith gradually crumble away leaving no community context for celebrating life and for mourning those who have died.

Picture is of the interior of St Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Ardrossan by Stuart McMahon on Flickr


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