The Desert waits…

Today a reflective prayer… an invitation into the desert and a reminder that no matter how rough the terrain, the angels wait too.

The desert waits,
ready for those who come,
who are obedient to the Spirit’s leading;
or who are driven,
because they will not come any other way.

The desert always waits;
ready to let us know who we are –
the place of self discovery.

And whilst we fear, and rightly,
the loneliness and emptiness and harshness,
we forget the angels
whom we cannot see for our blindness,
but who come when God decides
that we need their help;
when we are ready
for what they can give us.

(Ruth Burgess)

Picture is ‘angel of revelation in the desert’  by Andrew Romer (here)


One thought on “The Desert waits…

  1. I first read your poem on the desert in Navajoland and was deeply moved. I am now writing a book about Jesus in the context of the occupied Palestine of his day, and braiding together stories from my own journey and the gospels. (My own journey is a complex one – short version is I am Jewish, an ex-nun and a protestant minister.) I would like to quote your poem in the chapter I’m now writing on following light and life. Is it possible for me to obtain permission? In any case, thank you for this moving piece. Ann

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