Body language…

“If John’s Gospel were the only one we had, this is all that we would know about Jesus’ birth: before his name was Jesus, his name was the Word, and he was with God from the very beginning of creation, bringing things into being, making things happen, shining light into the darkness.

He was God’s self, God’s soul, God’s life force in the world. He was the breath inside all living things. He was the electric spark that charged peoples’ hearts. He was the fire inside the sun. He was the space between the stars. He was the axis around which the galaxies spin.

John goes on to say that not everyone got that message. Many were blinded by this light and preferred the darkness they knew to the light which they did not know. The Word sidled up to them and hummed life into their ears, but they cleared their throats and walked away. So God decided to speak in a new way. God decided to speak body language. “And the Word became flesh and lived among us – full of grace and truth.” 

This is John’s Christmas story  in a nutshell. Like Luke, John is telling us about an encounter with the Holy One. God’s Word was translated into a human being. God’s self, soul, and life force were concentrated into one mortal life on earth, and as a result, nothing would ever be the same again. Not because everyone listened, because everyone does not, but because the eternal Word of God took human form.”

I rediscovered this quotation today on a post from my old blog. It was originally found among some sermon starters from eSermons and is well worth repeating as we prepare for the “eternal Word of God” to take human form.

Picture is ‘pickwell sunset’ by Jonny Baker on Flickr

4 thoughts on “Body language…

  1. Thank you for this blog. I tried to discover a “subscription link” here but am having trouble. I am borrowing a photo from you and will provide a link back to Sunshine and Shadows. Please help me find the subscribe link. 🙂 God bless. michael

      1. I think I have it figured. There is a “follow” link on the top that I believe is generic to wordpress. I’ll find out when you do a new post. Thanks for the quick reply. I have linked Sunshine and Shadows in my blogroll.

  2. I truly love this “Christmas Story” above all the others. John was truly a philosopher, yes? I have recently contemplated that the “Word” is much deeper than just the name “Jesus.” The Word is Love. Whatever name the physical manifestation took when it came into the world, it could not have done so unless and without the Love of God. Jesus himself states the sole motive in John 3:16, and as the Word was in nonphysical form from the beginning of the universe it must be that the sole nature of God and his Spirit that became manifest in Jesus was Love itself. This, to me, makes the commandment to “Love one another” that much more vital. To love is to become like the Holy Spirit — the Holy One — of God.

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