May the light draw us into life
and stir a longing into our souls
May the stars shine along our pathway
and lighten the way with prophecy 
May the words of ancient promise
echo in every word we speak 
May the sound of a baby crying
haunt every silence born of apathy 
May incarnation be more than godly flesh
but a fresh way of godly living 
May the Spirit of Christ be born in us
and God make a home among us 

An Advent blessing from: Mucky Paws… I’ve posted it before, but it is well worth repeating.

It caught my attention because me and my congregation have had our way lightened by prophecy this Advent. In Isaiah, there have been words of comfort and hope for us. Words of ancient promise have echoed down through the centuries to touch us today on our particular Advent journey with God.

And the challenge for us (and for us all) is to allow our Advent longings to transform our lives in the coming year…  this is incarnation.

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