A prayer for the journey…

I was browsing Advent posts on my old blog… reminding myself where I had been and looking for some inspiration and I came across this prayer.

It is ascribed to St. Columba and it speaks about the blessedness of journey. It is essentially a prayer for protection against the unknown -the unknown places where Columba would rest his head and the unknown people he would encounter as he travelled. Some would oppose him, but others would welcome him in -offering their home as his home.

Columba’s prayer so closely mirrors my experience of the journey at the moment, having made the difficult decision to shut the church buildings (see previous posts).

I have encountered opposition (not from within my own congregation) – “poison” has poured from people who really should know better. But more importantly I have encountered great hospitality and grace from my neighbouring congregations in the parish (one Roman Catholic and the other Episcopalian) who have offered their hospitality and support to a congregation without a home… who have made sacrifices to welcome us in.

So this Advent – I hope you encounter “favourable company” on your particular journey of faith and I hope that no one’s poison reaches you

The path I walk, Christ walks it.
May the land in which I am be without sorrow.
May the Trinity protect me wherever I stay,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Bright angels walk with me -dear presence – in every dealing.
In every dealing I pray them that no one’s poison may reach me.
The ninefold people of heaven of holy cloud,
the tenth force of the stone earth.
Favourable company, they come with me,
so that the Lord may not be angry with me.
May I arrive at every place, may I return home;
may the way in which I spend be a way without loss.
May every path before me be smooth, man, woman and child welcome me.
A truly good journey!
Well does the fair Lord show us a course, a path.

Picture is : tate stairs by Jonny Baker on Flickr

One thought on “A prayer for the journey…

  1. Reverend, I have begun reading in your blog from most recent to less recent and am intrigued and blessed by your testimony and journey. I can relate to St. Columba’s prayer. I myself in following my call from God have been from Virginia and several cities therein to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Colorado Springs, Colorado to Washington, D.C. and back to Virginia. I sympathize with trials brought about from the poison that has been poured out on you, and know that it must be a blessing that the vitriol has come from without rather than within. As I continue to read back into time in your blog, I look forward to learning more about you and your church’s journey and sharing your insights on faith and the “random clutter” in your head. 🙂

    Barony Saint John’s is now linked in my blog. In Christ’s Love, Michael.

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