Between …

Liminal space is disorienting and disturbing because you are not fully in control. This is true faith and it can be frightening. Yet whenever you risk following Christ’s call, astonishing things occur. We know the One who calls is the one who saves. The life of faith means at least this: living in liminal space-cultivating the capacity of heart to hear Christ’s invitation and stepping out of comfortable, yet unsatisfying structures toward a future that only God knows. Once we grasp that Peter did not drown and neither will we, then a wild freedom begins.

Roy Howard (from inward/outward)

I read this the day after our last Kirk Session meeting. It really captures the mood of that meeting as we are a congregation in a liminal space.

It really is disturbing when the future is not in your hands, when things are out of control with no resolution in sight.

But the call is the same for us –  to trust the one who saves, to listen for his call to leave the old things behind and to step forward in faith towards the new, towards a future that is in God’s hands now.

Picture is ‘still’ by Jonny Baker on Flickr

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