Impossible things become possible

Jesus didn’t send the hungry away. He never does. Undaunted by the magnitude of the need, he does the compassionate deed with what is at hand. This is the miracle of compassion that his followers are invited to repeat. Take what is at hand-a little of this and a little of that-and give it away to God’s hungry people, believing that God will do wonders with our offerings.

Jesus takes the small things, like a cup of water and loaf of bread, and does what compassion calls for at the precise moment. He refuses to be overwhelmed, either by his own need for comfort or the urgent needs of the people. Instead of anxiety about not having enough, he looks upon the face of human hunger and does the next right thing…

Albert Einstein famously said, “The way I see it, you have two ways to live your life: one, as if no miracles exist and the other, as though everything is a miracle.” To be open to the miraculous is to be open to impossible things becoming possible. It is a stance toward life that is fundamentally hopeful, one that places confidence in God always, and is especially confident when all other sources have run out.

Roy Howard (found on  inward/outward)


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