Faith has me…

it’s faith that has me
not the other way round

i try to shake it loose
and i don’t know whether it’s habit
or the god i can’t believe in
but somehow i am wrapped
in this story
and it won’t let me go

so today,
i wondered again
how i would survive a moment
and a place
that seem overwhelming.
and maybe it’s only the memory of faith
i heard telling me
trust the wisdom that’s here
in this moment

i will.

Some musing from Cheryl at hold this space … she wrote this when she should have been preparing something else!

I love this – and it  covers sentiments shared in a conversation I had with a friend over coffee earlier today.

I find it reassuring that faith has me and not the other way around.

There was a time in my life when I walked away from faith. I found ‘churchy’ stuff – all the requirements and expectations overwhelming – and I wanted out.

But 10 years later – like Cheryl – I found that I couldn’t quite shake it off and gradually I rediscovered faith.

And this ‘rediscovery’ was the beginning of a new journey, one which would take me into the ordained ministry

I too am wrapped in this story and it won’t let me go.

Picture is ‘hymn of praise’ by Jonny Baker on Flickr

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