… how shall I be dismayed?

Wanting for nothing, how shall I be dismayed?
Grieving for no thing lost or unattained,
why would I choke on the sharp bones of regret?
I am a guest in this house, thoughtful of my manners,
Mindful of my privileges, and so filled with gratitude
that when I pray, my prayers turn to praise upon my lips

This was part of the daily thought from Inward Outward and it really hit home.

I recently experienced a personal disappointment and felt rather slighted as a result.

I spent quite a while formulating a reply expressing my feelings succinctly (I thought) on the matter.

Then I read this and realised I was grieving for the thing “lost or unattained” and probably (more to the point) “choking on the sharp bones of regret”. Yet I couldn’t think of a good reason why!!

So my carefully constructed expression of disappointment was deleted.

And then mindful of all my “privileges” – all the wonderful and positive things (and people) in my life – I moved on in gratitude …and in praise 🙂

Picture is ‘shepherd’s delight’ by Mike Lockie on Flickr

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