Growing into prayer…

To speak about prayer is indeed presumptuous. There are no devices, no techniques; there is no specialized art of prayer. All of life must be a training to pray.

We pray the way we live.

(Abraham Joshua Heschel)

This quote was today’s ‘thought’ from  inward/outward … and it did make me think.

I have read lots of books on prayer which told me about the ‘proper’ technique and attitude and gave advice on timing and location, etc, etc. And none of them really helped, they just made me feel as if I had an inadequate prayer life!

This quote turns things around. We should not be looking for a prayer life, but rather living a life of prayer.

Prayer is more about who we are and how we are living, than the many (and frequently empty) words we offer up as prayer.

We grow into prayer as we live each day with God and for him.

It should become as natural as breathing. But maybe that takes a lifetime?

Photo is from ‘a day of silence’ set by Jonny Baker on Flickr


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