A little more perspective…

(From icanhascheezburger.com)

This made me smile today… and I post it for everyone feeling oppressed by words.

So if you are homiletically challenged or struggling with that big work report… the huge long thesis… or the tricky missive… read it and weep!!

(I mean look at the nice cat and smile… obviously :)).


2 thoughts on “A little more perspective…

  1. *surfaces for air, from under thesis notes…*
    it’s just how to arrange those same 26 letters that’s the tricky one…. In the current pursuit of knowledge, I have discovered a particular four-letter word combination that is making me laugh. Next target: another 8 000 words by the end of July… aaaand back to it!
    *sinks, once again, beneath dusty 16th c. kirk law*

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