A thin line between…

here where every step
triggers a memory
of that time once before
where i said yes
in spite of the certainty of failure

[and fail i did]

here where every step
reminds me of the paper thin
line on which i walk
where neither side
on which i might fall
holds any chance of survival

here i take a breath
of the air that’s filled only with the question
of faith

and say yes


A wonderful piece from Cheryl at hold this space .

It works for me on so many levels.

It reminds me of “thin” lines I have walked in the past… through projects that failed…jobs that frustrated… difficult decisions that had to be made… all those times when I was caught between a rock and a hard place.

Yet this piece is full of hope…  and there is a challenge to move forward in faith even when it seems as if failure is inevitable.

Will you say “yes anyway” to the impossible… the risky… to the thing that scares you most in this moment?

I dare you to “take a breath” and a step of faith towards the one who is worthy of our trust.

Picture is ‘cut off by the tide’ by Jonny Baker on Flickr

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