All will pass…

“The things of Time are in connivance with eternity. The shadows serve You. The beasts sing to You before they pass away. The solid hills shall vanish like a worn out garment. All things change and die and disappear. Questions arrive, assume their actuality, and disappear. In this hour I shall cease to ask them and silence shall be my answer. The world that Your love created, that the heat has distorted, that my mind is always misinterpreting, shall cease to interfere with our voices.” (Thomas Merton)

I like the transitions in Merton’s piece… the sense of movement. Everything has its moment and then it passes. The things which dominate today will soon pass; they will be yesterday’s news. We humans tend to forget that everything is transitory as we get fixated on things or issues or interpretations.

But one day (but probably not today despite predictions in some quarters) all the noise and confusion… all the sound and fury of this earthly life will pass away. Nothing will block our dialogue with God when time passes into eternity.

Photo is ‘bench’ by Jonny Baker on Flickr

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