A prayer for Monday from Mucky Paws … this covers most eventualities for the week ahead:

May your love grasp us when we feel we are only just holding on
May your voice call us when we seek other pleasures or pain
May your story heal us when ours is too sore to tell
May your patience wait for us when we are not yet ready to hear you
May your spirit fill us when we have been emptied by life
And may all our living find its source in you.

To this I say… Amen!

Photo is: ‘touch’ by Jonny Baker on Flickr

3 thoughts on “Touch

  1. Dorothy,
    These are wonderful posts. They are rich in imagination and keep me going.
    I have tried your e.mail on the side bar but it keeps coming back as undeliverable . I would love to be able to view Rumours of Angels too !

  2. Hi Phil… I think I have to send you an email inviting you to view my old blog – I’ll give that a go and you can let me know if that works.

    1. Hi Danny,
      I did get an invitation to see Rumours of Angels in my inbox today (Wednesday 18th May)but it was time limited and when I clicked on the link it said it had expired on the 17th !! ( but I found it via google !)
      I look forward to reading you more.

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