The faith of Thomas…

O that we had the faith of Thomas
to doubt
to question what too many take for granted

O that we had the faith of Thomas
that could be crushed and broken
and be reborn again
that learns to trust once more
now that everything had changed
for the world has shifted
and in some unique and mysterious way
Jesus is alive
in us
through us
between us
among us
for us
with us

O that we had the faith of Thomas
to have our eyes wide opened
and our vision set on fire again

Dare we?

A wonderful call to worship from Roddy at Mucky Paws.

I love the way it highlights the positive aspects of doubt and the need to keep on asking the difficult questions… pushing to know more… to go deeper… instead of taking at face value what other people pass on.

Thomas wanted to see for himself the truth of what he was being told and after what he had been through who can blame him? His world had changed and he was struggling to keep up – to grasp – that Jesus is alive.

What if we had the faith of Thomas: faith to confront the living Christ; to be enthused and fired up for him; faith that dares to pass on what we know?

Photo is ‘next steps’ by Jonny Baker on Flickr

One thought on “The faith of Thomas…

  1. I’ve got to admit, I like Thomas. Even after being around Jesus for so long, he still found the resurection a miracle too far. So if Thomas can have a doubt, then I can excuse folk for having the odd doubt now and then.

    As you know, Thomas was one of the farthest traveled apostles, eventually ending up spreading the word in India. It looks like his doubt was in actual fact a re-awakening of his faith.

    It’s just a shame he’s remembered for the doubt, not his later actions.

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