Wednesday… taken to the cross.

Another meditation for Lent from Mucky Paws. But just as appropriate for this Holy Week as we travel ever nearer to Friday:

a place of birth
of dying
of renewal
of transforming

a time of losing
of seeking
of questioning
of relearning

a way of revelation
of discernment
of faith-ing
of perception

such is Lent

where all things of faith
are taken to the cross
left there
and allowed to die

but those that speak of love
are redeemed through death
and, transformed,
they break into life once more

3 thoughts on “Wednesday… taken to the cross.

  1. The picture of the cross at sunrise … I took it! It’s from Los Osos, California, at the area we had set up for our Easter celebration. It’s nice to see it! Enjoyed this blog entry.

    1. Hi Paul – that’s wonderful to know where it came from – I rarely use unsourced photographs… I had this one from a previous blog and had lost the link to where I originally found it.

  2. It’s interesting that you live by the sea … as Los Osos is a seaside community as well, and I served as full-time youth pastor in that community. The field where this picture was taken is less than a mile from the ocean. I no longer live there, but this picture was a nice reminder of meaningful moments in ministry there.

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