Tuesday in Bethany

There are moments in life that call for extravagance, moments when we must lay aside calculation and caution, moments when we must give wholeheartedly of ourselves.

Some things and some people are worth giving all that we have and all that we are.

Today Jesus is in Bethany (John 12.1-11). He is with friends, surrounded by those he loves most in the world. He is at rest, eating and drinking and enjoying their company.

Mary adds to this wonderful evening for Jesus by pouring perfume over his feet until the whole house is filled with its scent, the locks of her hair caressing his feet. She gives herself completely to what she knows and believes about Jesus. She is caught up in the moment and she ministers to Jesus, her actions mirroring all the ways that Jesus has previously ministered to her and to her loved ones.

But more significantly, Mary is also anointing Jesus in preparation for the journey he is about to make. Her actions foretell all that Jesus will do in this most holy week. They foretell of his extravagant and self-sacrificing love… love which will take him all the way to death on a cross…his life poured out for the life of the world.

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