On risk taking (3)…

As it turns out,
every map has an artificial edge
prescribed by those
who define its scope;
who draw the thick black line,
however arbitrarily, around the edges of the world.

But here, at the edge of the map,
where it tells me the road should end
by way of a thick black line,
I can see
quite clearly
that it doesn’t.

And to be sure,
I’ve taken the step;
I am proof that the road keeps going.

I check myself for grief,
prodding my heart and mind with inquisitive fingers
to inspect for bruises.
There are none;
just the feeling,
as I step off the edge
of the much-worn, grubby map,
that I am kissing
a much loved friend

A wonderful meditation from Cheryl at ‘hold this space’ about stepping beyond the boundaries that have been defined for us or the ones we have set for ourselves. It is about taking risks and venturing into the unknown… the untested undiscovered country beyond our comfort zone.

It is also about letting go of things (or people) which are dear to us … and the old ways of living which are familiar to us… in order to step off the edge.

I love this imagery. It could be my journey – leaving the familiar and comfortable for the unknown in response to the call of God.

But I do have bruises from fighting against the inevitability of my life changing. And I have grief. Some things (and some people) are not that easy to give up.

But I have very few regrets. I am glad I took the risk and stepped out in faith. I left the well worn map of my life behind and I put my hope and my future into the hands of God.

I too am proof that the road keeps going. And I have recently discovered that things (or people) once lost can be found again “beyond the edge”.

Photo is: ‘the stranger’ by Jonny Baker on Flickr


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