Only by grace…

I am on holiday… finished up yesterday for two weeks.

I still am planning to post every day until the end of Lent, so let’s hope I can stick with my resolution. It has been a good discipline for me and I have enjoyed getting back into the rhythm of regular blogging.

The past few weeks have been interesting times for me… some disappointments… some deep and lingering frustrations… but also some moments of grace and wonder.

So I thought I would post part of a poem called ‘This Grace”… which I have adapted to read as a personal prayer of thanksgiving:

“This grace I have been given is enough.

When the mountains set before me
won’t move by faith
until by faith I start to climb,
it is enough.

When my cry for Heaven’s miracles
rings hollow,
like a doorbell howling through an empty house,
it is enough.

When from my waiting rooms of weakness
I say ‘yes’
to pressing on,
it is enough.

When I have reached the end of my energies,
and face the end of myself,
but can’t yet see the end of my task,
It is enough.

to know that you love me.
that I am called before all time.
that every fingerprint is valued.
that you remember my name…”

(From this book of poems by Gerard Kelly)


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