Word of the week…

Scunnered. (Noun: Scunneration)

This is one of my favourite words ever. It’s one of those brilliant Scottish words whose meaning is almost onomatopoeic – just saying it, with the right inflection (and the precise balance of vehemence and resignation) communicates its meaning:

sick of it
had enough
I’m outa here

Scunnered is a sort of blending of all these emotions into one ‘catch all’ word… we Scots are good at that!!

Being scunnered… it just isnae funny!!!


One thought on “Word of the week…

  1. Brilliant.

    It was trying to explain clart to an American friend which persuaded me to study New Testament Greek.

    And being scunnered at work definitely shoved me into actually doing something about my call to ministry.

    Who’d have thought the Scots language could be so useful?!

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