The call of Christ…

“He comes to us as one unknown, without a name, as of old, by the lakeside, he came to those men who did not know who he was. He says the same words, “Follow me!”, and set us to those tasks which he must fulfil in our time. He commands. And to those who harken to him, whether wise or unwise, he will reveal himself in the peace, the labours, the conflicts and the suffering that they may experience in his fellowship, and as an ineffable mystery they will learn who he is.” (Albert Schweitzer)

Jesus calls us. He calls us down through the ages. He calls us in every generation and his words are always the same: “Follow me!”

This was the theme of our service yesterday… the call to “follow me”. The challenge to fulfil the tasks for our time”.

Jesus does not call us from a distance. He comes to meet us where we are, in the places where we live and work. And he calls us to follow him and to serve him in these places.

We come alive in his service and as we begin to understand that once called we are never alone. We are on a journey with the Lord of Life into the very heart of the mystery. And as we deepen our relationship with him we share his love… his message of hope… with the people we encounter along the way. Our call to them is “come and see… come and see Jesus Christ”

(Picture is a sunset over the Sea of Galilee)


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