Familiar path…

I have not done much blogging lately…usual reasons… pressure of work… tiredness…apathy! But during Lent I am trying to change that because my lack of blogging goes deeper. It reveals a lack of reflective practice on my part… a lack of reading and thinking beyond the ‘Sunday service preparation’.

When I was at University so much was new and real and immediate that I needed to think and pray… write and process it. In probation I was fortunate to be allowed time for reading, writing and reflecting.

Now I am caught up in the immediacy and busyness of life  in the parish and it is so easy just to go with the flow… to survive week to week …and to crash out in front of the telly with glass of wine to switch off. So for Lent I am trying to recapture my former discipline and to post every day. I hope this will help me get my focus back and help me to be more reflective once Lent has passed.

The photo is ‘a familiar path’ by Jonny Baker on Flickr .



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