In denial…

The film Chocolat is based on the book of the same name. The film relates the story of a small French town during Lent. Everyone is trying hard to avoid rich foods but what should open at the same time? A chocolate shop!

It is agony to walk past the shop with its velvety chocolate smells. But perhaps the townsfolk had missed the point – especially when one of the most self-righteous characters breaks into the shop and gorges on the chocolates inside.

When Lent approaches we instinctively start thinking about what we should be giving up – usually alcohol! And yes chocolate is always high up on the list…the ultimate symbol of indulgence!!

But is Lent really about ‘self-denial’? Is there real value in giving up stuff…something we enjoy for Lent? Or should Lent be about giving stuff….namely the giving of our lives over to Christ.

And in this surrender we must walk with him through the wilderness…into Galilee … on to Jerusalem… and finally to the foot of the cross… and beyond.

Mmm… perhaps it’s easier just to give up the booze or the chocolate!!



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