The heart of Lent…

I have really neglected the blog of late so I have decided that I will try and post something every day during Lent! No sure if I will manage it but the discipline will do me good 🙂

I will begin with a post from my old Rumours of Angels blog (now archived):

The desert will lead you to your heart, where I will speak. (Hosea 2:14)

This seemed a suitable verse for Lent… for the desert places… the times of dryness and wilderness… when we feel (or are physically) alone.

These are the times and places when we need to look deep inside… to embrace the stillness and to listen for the voice of God.

I was also struck by the tenderness in this verse and the promise that in times of solitude God speaks into the very depths of our being.

This has been true for me. In the times and places when I have felt at my most alone (even when surrounded by other people) or ‘disconnected’ …God has spoken straight to my heart. And I am not describing an emotional ‘high’ or anything like that… rather a calm certainty that God has spoken and that a response is required from me.

In today’s world talk of the ‘heart’ often implies the warm soft emotional fuzzies… a romantic sort of love reaction. But in Biblical times talk of the heart was much more to do with our inner being … with acts of will… responsibility…decisions to follow and serve and obey no matter the cost.

When God speaks to your heart you may well have an emotional response. But it is not enough just to feel it… you also have to turn and change and follow him out of the wilderness into the places where you are called to live and work and serve.



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