A Moment Known Only to God?

Well… December has passed in a blur of activity… snow showers and freezing conditions. And I have been rather devoid of inspiration for the blog. Usually during Advent I find lots of stuff which inspires me to post… but this year not so much. Maybe just a reflection of how I have been feeling of late? I am aware of losing focus (for a number of reasons) and letting myself drift. I have some hard decisions … and some resolutions to think through for 2011.

In the meantime… I thought I would post this from Madeleine L’Engle:

“Was there a moment, known only to God, when all the stars held their breath, when the galaxies paused in their dance for a fraction of a second, and the Word, who had called it all into being, went with all his love into the womb of a young girl, and the universe started to breathe again, and the ancient harmonies resumed their song, and the angels clapped their hands for joy? Jesus was the firstborn of many brethren. I stand … looking at the sky full of God’s children, and know that I am one of them.”

(Picture is ‘the beginning’ by Mike Lockie on Flickr)

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