Nice day for a white wedding…

So… I have been trying to avoid writing a weather-related post… but it is impossible.

Yesterday I officiated at my first wedding. I left the house at 12pm in the pouring rain and my main concern was whether or not my croaky voice would hold out for the duration of the 30 minute service.

By the time I arrived at the church (in the next town – a mere 1.5 miles from the manse) it had begun to sleet. Ten minutes later it was white out!

Over the next 45 minutes the piper, the organist and a about half the wedding guests arrived…

By 1pm – the time the wedding was scheduled to begin -I had ushers, the best man and the groom. A few anxious calls later the police gave the estimated time of arrival for the bride as 2.15  – her vintage car was coming down from Glasgow on the back of a recovery lorry because of the weather. It got caught in the chaos caused by a jack knifed lorry… in short no one was going anywhere fast in North Ayrshire and certainly not without being in a police -led convoy system!!

The wonderful people at the church provided tea and biscuits for the guests which had arrived and generally looked after us all. (To explain I was not conducting the wedding in my own church due to our on going building issues). One lady even cleared the slushy snow from the front of the church while we were all sitting cosy inside.

By 2.15pm I had four bridesmaids and a flower girl… and finally at 2.50 or there abouts the bride arrived!! And after five minutes of deep breathing in the entrance porch of the church to calm the bride’s by now totally frayed nerves… the organist was at last able to strike up the opening bars of the Bridal Chorus.

The ceremony went off ok and my voice held out (probably due to the fact I had overdosed on cough sweets by this point) although I did ask the wrong person to sign as one of the witnesses!! In my defence he had the same first name as the actual witness!! Fortunately the groom spotted my error in time!!

Well… they say you will never forget your first wedding!!

By the time I eventually left the church the snow had stopped and I headed for home. Wonderful husband picked the kids up in Troon and it was by all accounts a most unpleasant journey.

I didn’t realise just how bad the weather actually was until I turned on the news… seeing all these people trapped in their cars for hours …with hours more to go… made me realise how fortunate we had been and that in the great scheme of things a two hour delay to a wedding was pretty small beer.

Today… I stayed in the house and looked at all the pretty snow… now frozen solid… and gave thanks that I was able to stay safe and warm indoors and nurse my cough and cold.

One thought on “Nice day for a white wedding…

  1. A friend of ours was buried last wednesday. The hearse could not leave the undertakers due to the pile of snow, so our friend was given his final ride in the back of a black Range Rover. This was the only vehicle that was capable of safely driving through the snow. To the credit of the undertakers, they kept it dignified.

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