Let it snow…

I woke this morning to snow… as did most of the country!

And I was laughing as I looked at the pictures no1 daughter had posted on Facebook of herself and her Uni friends cavorting about in the snow in the middle of the night. At least one of her friends has never seen snow before and everyone is caught up in his delight at this amazing experience… the snowball fights… snow men and snow angels (and other snow sculptures I won’t mention here!!!). Because one of the group is doing all this for the very first time… it seems as if everyone is.

Delight is such a wonderful emotion and one we so easily lose as we get older. Yet I smiled as I drew back the bedroom curtains this morning and saw the unexpected snow (it wasn’t forecast for our area) brilliant white in the sunshine and I stood for a moment lost in the wonder of it before rushing to get my heaviest dressing gown!

Now I think I need hot chocolate!!!

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